Clinical Evaluation


Clinical Evaluation


 We proudly offer clinical evaluations and assessments in the following areas:  

Diagnostic evaluation and assessment  of Autism and related disabilities (including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Learning Disabled, and more...)

Functional Behavior Aseessment (FBA)

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

Cognitive Functioning  

Academic Achievement

Social and Emotional Functioning

Adaptive Living Skills

Vocational Skills

Occupational Therapy including Sensory Processing

Speech and Language

Functional Language Assessment (ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP)

Our team of professionals work together to bring a perspective that goes beyond diagnosis.  Not only do our clinicians provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, but they also provide specific, practical recommendations for utilizing areas of strength to maximize potential.     

The SEED Center's evaluations are conducted by licensed and certified staff and include a child observation, a written report, and feedback meeting.  In addition, we will participate in school meetings as requested. Evaluations are individualized, with instruments chosen to address specific referral concerns and reports customized for each child and his or her specific needs.